Deans Welcome

I take great pleasure in welcoming you all to the Faculty of Science.
Faculty of Science is the 10th faculty and the latest addition to the Maldives National
University. The Faculty was inaugurated in August 2013 with the intention to establish a
Centre recognized nationally and internationally for quality teaching, scholarship and
academic research in areas of science. The Faculty commenced its programs in early
2014, by initially amalgamating some of the programs conducted by other faculties.
We currently offer programs in Information Technology and Environmental Management
but have future expansion plans to strengthen existing programs while also introducing
new science degrees. We have no doubt that we will be the number one Tertiary
education Centre in the country that offers degrees in various science fields, creating
people necessary for advancement of our country.
I take pride in knowing that relevant industries seek our graduates who are ready to serve
them with the right knowledge, attitude and skills. With the help of our energetic and
highly qualified pool of academic staff, we would be able to reach new heights in the
future and strive to achieve the number one position in this region. There has never been
a better time to choose one of our exciting programs and become a part of our distinctive
learning community. I, thereby invite you to embark on this intellectual journey with us
that will inspire you for a lifetime.