About Us

Faculty of Science of the Maldives National University currently
offers programs in Information Technology and Environmental
Management. With the formation of the Faculty at the end of 2013
and changes to the structure of the University, the IT department
previously under the Faculty of Management and Computing, was
transferred to the Faculty of Science.
The Faculty offers a wide range of high quality Advanced Certificate,
Diploma and Degree level courses in Information Technology
including networking. While very affordable, our courses
equip you with essential skills to give you a competitive advantage
in finding a job. In addition to the Male’ campus, IT courses
are also available at our Hithadhoo and Khulhudhufushi campuses.
The Faculty is also set to launch a Master’s degree in Computer
and Information Science (MCIS) in 2015. This is an Auckland
University of Technology (AUT), New Zealand program focused
on research and study, and research-informed professional practice.
The program allows you to earn your Masters from a world
renowned university while staying at home.
In addition to the academic programs, the Faculty is also the only
Cisco Networking Academy training partner in the Country. The
Cisco Networking Academy delivers programs to its students in
170 countries, helping individuals prepare for industry-recognized
certifications and entry-level information and communication
technology (ICT) careers in virtually every type of industry.
Students develop ICT skills while acquiring vital 21st-century
career skills in problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking.
Our Bachelor of Environmental Management program is designed
to meet the Maldives’ future need for skilled professionals
in the area of environmental science and management. The course
is an in-country qualification that includes a strong emphasis on
the Maldives environment and the development of knowledge and
skills for working in environment management areas in government,
business, tourist resorts and NGOs. The course is of inter
national equivalence and maintains high academic standards.